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Computer-managed Maintenance Systems, Second Edition

RRP $29.99

Effective resource management and reliable equipment are essential for optimum plant performance. Computer-Managed Maintenance Systems goes beyond the simple selection and implementation of a CMMS. It also defines the changes in infrastructure, management philosophy and employee skills that must be implemented to gain maximum benefits from the CMMS. The book is designed to address the information needs of all levels of plant management.

In this new edition, the authors have added a chapter specifically on the latest technology, Application Solution Providers (ASP) that has revolutionized the way CMMS are used and the benefits they can offer to a business. This solution provides integrated software, hardware and networking technology along with Information Technology (IT) consulting services into an outsourced package. A new appendix on Key Performance Indicators has also been added.
Comprehensive, practical guide that covers selection, justification, and implementation of an effective CMMS in any facilityAll levels of plant management will find useful information in this step-by-step guideIncludes a new chapter on ASP technologies

Computer Simulation In Financial Risk Management

RRP $256.99

Computer programs that simulate complex processes in the real world can provide a quantitative tool for determining how much debt can be added safely to a company's capital structure. The increasing number of bankruptcies and defaults in today's international business arena result from debt overload and point to major shortcomings in the conventional financial evaluation process. In this book, Roy L. Nersesian describes why current methods of risk management fail and how computer simulation can be employed to determine the safe level of debt more accurately. Because the decision to add debt to an organization requires favorable, and essentially independent, decisions from both the borrower and lender, it is necessary to quantify both perspectives. Through actual examples readers will learn how to do this and to translate an actual business situation into a simulation model or program. Current evaluation systems, according to Nersesian, fail to incorporate the cyclical nature of business activity. They result all too often in an overly optimistic projection of cash flow. Simulation techniques are better able to incorporate the transience of good times and put quantitative analysis of risk on par with quantitative analysis of reward. Simulation techniques also reduce the role of speculative, and highly subjective, judgment. For example, decisionmakers who are not familiar personally with a particular business area, assign more risk to that area than those who are. A quantified risk management system enables executives to rank projects by the degree of risk much as they currently rank them by degree of profitability. The book presents the concept of simulation in terms that can be understood by generalists in corporations and financial institutions. At the same time, it provides computer programmers with an understanding of risk management principles. It will provide a valuable resource for: financial executives, planners and strategists in corporate and governmental organizations; bank lending officers; and computer programmers working with these organizations.

The Handbook Of Computer Troubleshooting

RRP $242.99

More than just a quick-fix manual for the do-it-yourselfer, this book covers all aspects of small business computing. TheHandbook of Computer Troubleshootingis a complete guide for solving the most typical problems most users will encounter. Both the neophyte and experienced user will find helpful tips to solve the more irksome, yet common, problems. Topics covered include: Hardware * Graphics Software * The Internet * Ergonomics * Keyboards * Networks * Company Addresses * Utilities Software * Educational Software * Printers * Monitors * Security Threats * Web Sites * and much more.

Social Partnerships And Responsible Business

RRP $273.99

Cross-sector partnerships are widely hailed as a critical means for addressing a wide array of social challenges such as climate change, poverty, education, corruption, and health. Amid all the positive rhetoric of cross-sector partnerships though, critical voices point to the limited success of various initiatives in delivering genuine social change and in providing for real citizen participation. This collection critically examines the motivations for, processes within, and expected and actual outcomes of cross-sector partnerships.

In opening up new theoretical, methodological, and practical perspectives on cross-sector social interactions, this book reimagines partnerships in order to explore the potential to contribute to the social good. A multi-disciplinary perspective on partnerships adds serious value to the debate in a range of fields including management, politics, public management, sociology, development studies, and international relations. Contributors to the volume reflect many of these diverse perspectives, enabling the book to provide an account of partnerships that is theoretically rich and methodologically varied.

With critical contributions from leading academics such as Barbara Gray, Ans Kolk, John Selsky, and Sandra Waddock, this book is a comprehensive resource which will increase understanding of this vital issue.

Start Your Own Computer Business

RRP $75.00

From buying and selling PC hardware to product development and selling services, "Start Your Own Computer Business: The Unembellished Guide" offers a realistic picture of making it on your own. Bestselling author, Morris Rosenthal, has 15 years of experience in the computer business, building and repairing thousands of PCs and helping hundreds of customers. The book mixes practical advice and cautions with real-world anecdotes of successes and failures. Dollars and cents play a prominent role in the book, as Rosenthal stresses that the real challenge of succeeding in the computer business is the business part of the equation. Managing employees, inventory and scarce financial resources are covered, along with how to remain sane and when to quit. The book is illustrated with a series of original cartoons on the computer business subject.


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