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The Translation And Localisation In Video Games

RRP $370.99

This book is a multidisciplinary study of the translation and localisation of video games. It offers a descriptive analysis of the industry - understood as a global phenomenon in entertainment - and aims to explain the norms governing present industry practices, as well as game localisation processes. Additionally, it discusses particular translation issues that are unique to the multichannel nature of video games, in which verbal and nonverbal signs must be cohesively combined with interactivity to achieve maximum playability and immerse players in the game's virtual world. Although positioned within the theoretical framework of descriptive translation studies, Bernal-Merinoincorporates research from audiovisual translation, software localisation, computer assisted translation, comparative literature, and video game production. Moving beyond this framework,Translation and Localisation in Video Games challenges some of the basic tenets of translation studies and proposes changes to established and unsatisfactory processes in the video game and language services industries.

How To Create Fantasy Art For Computer Games

RRP $39.95

This book is a practical guide on how to create artwork for computer games - a burgeoning area in which thousands of artists are hired each year.

The guide mostly focuses on fantasy art but the information it gives on media - both traditional and digital, doodling, light, mass and negative space creatures, game genre, working with models, composition, perspective, character development, interactive environments, and atmosphere is pertinent to all computer art.

A gallery of fine art and illustration collections is also included making this book the ideal introduction to the world of producing computer art and encouraging turning a creative hobby into a career.

About the Author

Bill Stoneham has been a professional fine artist for over 30 years. He has worked in both feature film and effects studios and for the last 20 years he has been creating computer art for computer games companies such as Lucas Arts and Edios, amongst others.

Experiments In Automated Generation Of Games

RRP $237.99

Electronic, video and computer games have captured the interest of younger generation during the past years and have become the primary source of relaxation and fun for many. The public demand for choices in computer games has increased and there is a need to automate the process of game development. In this book we introduce a methodology for automated generation of entertaining games. The genres we address are board based games and video games. We use evolutionary algorithms to generate new and entertaining games using our proposed entertainment metrics as the fitness function.

Computer Simulation

RRP $390.99

This is a practical perspective on simulation aimed at working scientists and engineers. Amply illustrated, the book provides many examples with computer coding. New topics, such as animation, concept modeling, and logic transfer are covered in detail.

Sheaves, Games, And Model Completions

RRP $37.99

This book is an example of fruitful interaction between (non-classical) propo- sitionallogics and (classical) model theory which was made possible due to categorical logic. Its main aim consists in investigating the existence of model- completions for equational theories arising from propositional logics (such as the theory of Heyting algebras and various kinds of theories related to proposi- tional modal logic ). The existence of model-completions turns out to be related to proof-theoretic facts concerning interpretability of second order propositional logic into ordinary propositional logic through the so-called 'Pitts' quantifiers' or 'bisimulation quantifiers'. On the other hand, the book develops a large number of topics concerning the categorical structure of finitely presented al- gebras, with related applications to propositional logics, both standard (like Beth's theorems) and new (like effectiveness of internal equivalence relations, projectivity and definability of dual connectives such as difference). A special emphasis is put on sheaf representation, showing that much of the nice categor- ical structure of finitely presented algebras is in fact only a restriction of natural structure in sheaves. Applications to the theory of classifying toposes are also covered, yielding new examples. The book has to be considered mainly as a research book, reporting recent and often completely new results in the field; we believe it can also be fruitfully used as a complementary book for graduate courses in categorical and algebraic logic, universal algebra, model theory, and non-classical logics. 1.


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