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Computer Networking

RRP $515.99

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0134522206 / 9780134522203 Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach Plus Modified MasteringEngineering with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package 7/e


Package consists of:   

0133594149 / 9780133594140 Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach

0134311167 / 9780134311166 Modified MasteringEngineering with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach

Brain-computer Interface Research

RRP $293.99

This book reports on the latest research and developments in the field of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). It introduces ten outstanding and innovative BCI projects, nominated as finalists for the BCI award 2012 by a jury of established researchers and discusses how each of the nominated projects reflects general worldwide trends in BCI development. At the core of the book, nine of these ten projects are described in detailed individual chapters. These include a focused introduction to each project, an easy to grasp description of the methods and a timely report on the most recent developments achieved since the submission to the award. Hence, this book provides a cutting-edge overview of the newest BCI research trends, from leading experts, in an easy to read format supported by explanatory pictures, graphs and figures.

Statistical Methods In Computer Security

RRP $320.99

Statistical Methods in Computer Security summarizes discussions held at the recent Joint Statistical Meeting to provide a clear layout of current applications in the field. This blue-ribbon reference discusses the most influential advancements in computer security policy, firewalls, and security issues related to passwords. It addresses crime and misconduct on the Internet, considers the development of infrastructures that may prevent breaches of security and law, and illustrates the vulnerability of networked computers to new virus attacks despite widespread deployment of antivirus software, firewalls, and other network security equipment.

The Mystery Of A New Kind Of Rays

RRP $16.99

You will be able to watch a capable scientist work to uncover the mystery of what he suspects is a new kind of radiation, a radiation he eventually calls x-rays. A German scientist, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, is the main character in this book. His experimental expertise was the key element in his successful science career. When he saw something unusual as he pursued one of his experiments, he investigated to learn more. Long before Roentgen discovered x-rays many other scientists around the world had seen unusual effects, including fogging of film or electrical changes, effects that they never followed up and that later proved to have resulted from x-rays. So many scientists had the opportunity to discover x-rays. Roentgen was the only one who persisted. He learned much about these new rays, and, even though he had some misgivings about his conclusions about a new kind of rays, accepted the challenge to inform fellow scientists about his discovery. His discovery was the start of many new ideas that changed the world perception of science - and changed the lives of Roentgen and his wife Bertha. Roentgen's story is inspiring and unusual, in that he had to overcome many obstacles on his long journey to become a recognized scientist and teacher. Even after he had earned his doctorate in physics his unusual education path to an advanced degree presented problems. He persisted; his story may inspire the reader not to give up in the pursuit of a goal.

Computer-aided Verification

RRP $68.00

Computer-Aided Verification is a collection of papers that begins with a general survey of hardware verification methods. Ms. Gupta starts with the issue of verification itself and develops a taxonomy of verification methodologies, focusing especially upon recent advances. Although her emphasis is hardware verification, most of what she reports applies to software verification as well.
Graphical presentation is coming to be a de facto requirement for a `friendly' user interface. The second paper presents a generic format for graphical presentations of coordinating systems represented by automata.
The last two papers as a pair, present a variety of generic techniques for reducing the computational cost of computer-aided verification based upon explicit computational memory: the first of the two gives a time-space trade-off, while the second gives a technique which trades space for a (sometimes predictable) probability of error.
Computer-Aided Verification is an edited volume of original research. This research work has also been published as a special issue of the journal Formal Methods in System Design, 1:2-3.


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